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3 Ways to Rediscover Melbourne

If you live within 25km of Melbourne CBD (or are willing to wait until 8th November) then here are 3 ways that you can get OUT and ABOUT and enjoy Melbourne, that city we all love! 

1. Embark on a Quest

Though I say it myself, the Quests are a great option for exploring the city.
Not only do you get to spend quality time with friends & family outdoors in the nice weather, but you get to learn fun trivia about Melbourne and solve puzzles to reveal a surprise! 
Plus, ALL QUEST DOWNLOADS ARE ON SALE to celebrate the end of lockdown!
More endings will be coming soon as things continue to open up. 

2. Melbourne Photo Scavenger Hunt

Melbourne is a perfect setting for a fun day out taking photos with friends, because it has such a variety of backdrops and odd spots.

Grab a camera, some friends and download this free list of items to capture! Afterwards, Sit down with your group at a cafe or pub and review your pics. Vote for the funniest, most original or wildest interpretation!

3. Melbourne Urban Bingo Game

A perfect day out in the city with kids, this Bingo game will challenge your powers of observation, while still getting you outside and into the city you love! Download the free 1-page version here, or upgrade for 10 unique cards to play multiple rounds.
Stop at Brunetti or Koko Black for a treat for the winner! (And everyone else too) 

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