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5 Spooky (and Free) Spots to Visit in Melbourne this Halloween

Looking for some spooky fun in the CBD this Halloween? Check out these free spots, guaranteed to get your spine tingling!

1. Queen Victoria Market

Brick arches with overgrown graves in the foreground

Get your candles and crystals ready for a car park séance! Few people realise that the Queen Victoria Market and adjacent car park was built over Melbourne’s oldest cemetery grounds. If your grave was being parked over all the time, would you want revenge? Park at your own risk!

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Photo: Queen Victoria Market

2. The Princess Theatre

The Princess Theatre at night, lit up with flood lights

Stepping into the opulently decorated Princess Theatre, look out for the well-dressed ghost of singer Frederick Federici. He tragically died of a heart attack on stage during a production of Faust. The theatre’s bistro is now named in his honour and a dress circle seat is traditionally left open for him on opening night. With such honours, why would any ghost leave?

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Photo: State Library Victoria

3. Croft Alley

A dark brick alleyway with street art murals

No dead bodies or ghosts have been reported in this eerie laneway…yet. Let’s just say you wouldn’t want to be chased down this dead-end alley by a chain-saw wielding lunatic at night. But you might find some interesting street art and creepy vibes, so why not grab your torch and give it a go? Good luck!

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Photo: Tripadvisor

4. Melbourne Uni South Lawn Underground Car Park

Dark entrance flanked by stone statues

The Atlantis entrance to this spooky car park could easily be mistaken for a portal to the netherworld. In fact it is a beautiful and rarely seen piece of architecture, possibly more suited to occult rituals than parked cars.

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Photo: Melbourne University 

5. Royal Exhibition Building

Royal Exhibition Building at night lit by lights

From the outside, you would never suspect the gruesome events that took place inside the stately Exhibition Building during the 1919 Spanish Flu epidemic. Local hospitals were overrun, so the large space was used as a makeshift hospital. The bodies started to pile up so the basement was used as a temporary morgue. Perhaps some of those pour souls never left…

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Photo: State Library Victoria Archives

Happy Halloween everybody!

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