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Free Download: Melbourne Mad-Libs

This game is for everyone! On each page of the free PDF, you’ll find blurbs about iconic Melbourne locations. Each paragraph contains blank spaces. The READER asks the WRITERS to give an appropriate word for each blank space and fills them in.

Then the READER reads the completed text aloud – the result will be a silly,
crazy or just plain dumb story about Melbourne!

Mad Libs are suitable for all ages and any group size. It's an ideal family activity during a car ride or sitting in a cafe. WARNING! You might laugh so hard you snort milk out your nose. 

If your grammar is a little rusty (like what's an Adjective!?), check out our tips on the last page.

Download our collection of Melbourne Mad-Libs here!

Share your fun by tagging us on social media @cityquestaustralia and we'll feature you in our feed! 

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