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Free Melbourne Photo Scavenger Hunt

Photo scavenger hunts are great fun, and don't require anything except a group of friends, some enthusiasm, a list of photos to find, and a camera. 

Download the City Quest Melbourne Photo Scavenger Hunt

Melbourne is a perfect setting for a fun day out taking photos with friends, because it has such a variety of backdrops and odd spots to photograph, but the city centre is also small enough that you can cover a lot of ground in just an hour or two. Street art filled laneways, Chinatown, the waterfront, the theatre district, shopping arcades, Parliament, and gardens are all within reach.

To go on your free photo scavenger hunt, start by downloading the City Quest list of photos. Then organise your friends into teams. Every team should have a copy of the list and a camera or smartphone. Agree on a meeting place and time (give yourself at least an hour), then let yourselves loose on the city!

As you go through the list of photos, try to be creative. Have fun interpreting the list, get goofy with your poses, and cover as much ground as possible to get a variety of background locations. As many team members as possible should be in each photo. 

When time is up, meet at your arranged location (we suggest a rooftop bar such as Campari House or a waterfront beer garden like The Arbory. Then review and share your photos. Hilarity will ensue, and popular vote will decide which team was the most creative and funny with the most photos. Consider buying everyone in the winning team a beer or coffee.

If you want to get really organised, assign each photo a point value, then award points for each photo (for example 3 points out of 5 for a pretty good photo). Add up the points at the end to decide who the winners are!

However you decide to do it, a Melbourne photo scavenger hunt is a perfect option for when you want to have fun with your friends or family on a budget. 

Download the City Quest Melbourne Photo Scavenger Hunt

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Happy Questing!

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