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How Do I Play Online Trivia?

How to play trivia online with YouTube

It’s a brave new world, and lots of activities that were once face-to-face only have suddenly switched to online! That includes pub trivia, without the pub.

In case you’re wondering just HOW to play trivia online, here’s a simple guide. Other trivia games may do it differently, but this is how the Quest at Home quizzes are set up.

Join in LIVE:

  1. Navigate to the City Quest Australia YouTube channel HERE just before the scheduled live stream. The feed should appear on your screen.
  2. You can chat live before and after the quiz, but not during.
  3. Write your answers on a piece of paper as the questions are read out.
  4. Count up your correct answers to see how well you did!

Join in later:

  1. Navigate to the City Quest Australia YouTube channel HERE and find the pre-recorded video quiz you’d like to watch.
  2. Write your answers on a piece of paper as the questions are read out.
  3. You can pause and rewind if you missed a question or need more time.
  4. Count up your correct answers to see how well you did! Share your score in the comments if you like.

Play against your friends & family remotely:

  1. Set up a Zoom/Google Meet/Microsoft Teams/Facebook Messenger call with your friends and family. Have everyone join BEFORE the scheduled quiz time so you can get the feed working correctly.

  2. When everyone has joined, you can view the Quiz together EITHER by:
  • Having the call host share their screen with the group, so that everyone can watch the Quiz concurrently, OR
  • Have everyone on the call tune in to YouTube individually on a device or window separate to the group call. You may need to mute the Zoom/Teams microphones so you don’t double up the audio.

Experiment with what works best for you and your Internet connection. Both these options work regardless of whether you are watching live or later.

  1. Have everyone write down their answers on a piece of paper at home. You can work individually or in teams. Mute your microphones if you are discussing answers and don’t want to give anything away.

  2. At the end of the Quiz, compare your scores. The person/team with the highest score wins!

  3. In the event of a tie, have another player ask a random trivia question. The first winning player/team to get the answer wins the tie breaker.

  4. Schedule your next online Quiz night for more trivia fun!

Some common questions:

Do I need to register for the Quest at Home Quiz?

No, you don’t have to register! Just join in on the live feed whenever you want, or watch the video once it has been posted to YouTube.

How do I keep score?

Just count up the points you earned after the answers are read out. Most questions will be worth 1 point, but if there are any half-marks available, I’ll let you know. If you’d like to post your score after the quiz is finished, go ahead! I’d love to know how you went.

Do I post the answers?

No, please don’t post the answers publicly. Not everyone comes up with the answers at the same time, so just write them on your paper at home. That way everyone has a chance to think in their own time.

Is it free?

Yes! Although if you think the quiz is worth a gold coin, you can choose to donate via the PayPal link in the video description. This is completely optional! You can also support me by subscribing to my channel and telling your friends about Quest at Home.

Are there prizes?

No, I don’t offer prizes. If you’d like to arrange prizes within your friend groups, feel free!

 More Questions? Feel free to email me: cityquestaustralia [at]

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