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New! Laneways: The Paris End Quest is now available!

Laneways: The Paris End

I'm SUPER pleased to announce that Laneways: The Paris End is now available as a new Melbourne Quest! 

Just like all City Quest experiences, you'll be guided by your Quest booklet along the route to solve puzzles and reveal a surprise destination.

Unlike my other Quests, this one focuses solely on the lanes east of Swanston street, which include some of the most fabulous street art in the city!

While on your Quest you'll learn interesting facts and trivia about the city.

Did you know that "The Paris End" gets its name from the Ress Oriental Hotel on Collins Street which first put cafe-style seating on the footpath in the 50's?

It reminded people of how cafes in Paris spill out onto the streets, and Voila! The Paris End got its name! 

I've designed a new range of surprise endings for The Paris End Quest!
You can choose:

Fresh Pastries
You'll smell the fresh bread and pastry before you see this little hidden gem! Starting at $5.50, this array of sweet and savoury pastries will have you weak at the knees. Plonk yourself down on the pavement to enjoy a delicious treat and coffee!

Memorial Laneway
For those who can't get enough street art, this surprise ending will lead you to a touching memorial tribute.

Hidden Message
Use your Quest clues to reveal an inspirational quote.

Perfect for families, you'll be given a series of fun riddles.
Use the clues to reveal the solutions!

Special Launch Discount!

Use the promocode THEPARISEND20 until 15th December for 20% off.

Get your 'Laneways: The Paris End' Quest today!

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