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Quest Quiz Pack 6 - Pub Trivia Quiz
Quest Quiz Pack 6 - Pub Trivia Quiz
Quest Quiz Pack 6 - Pub Trivia Quiz
Quest Quiz Pack 6 - Pub Trivia Quiz
Quest Quiz Pack 6 - Pub Trivia Quiz
Quest Quiz Pack 6 - Pub Trivia Quiz
Quest Quiz Pack 6 - Pub Trivia Quiz
Quest Quiz Pack 6 - Pub Trivia Quiz

Quest Quiz Pack 6 - Pub Trivia Quiz

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Quest Quiz is a pub trivia style game that you can play at home or via video chat. The Quiz Pack is instantly downloadable - we will send you an email with all the files you need to start playing.

Each Quest Quiz is played over 4 rounds of 10 points, plus a half-time challenge, which gives you about 60 minutes of quality trivia quiz time! It's the budget-friendly entertainment idea you've been looking for.

In Quest Quiz #6, you'll enjoy:

  • General Knowledge - Geography, history, sport, food, this round has a little of everything.
  • Mystery Theme - All the answers point to a theme. Can you guess it?!
  • Half-time Challenge 
  • Sound Round - Audio clips of cover songs and TV themes 
  • Picture Clues - 10 visual clues, from locations to brands to historic photos.

Challenge your friends and family to a virtual trivia quiz to see who can get the most points. You can work in teams or individually. The only rule is DON'T Google the answers!

This Quest Quiz Pack Includes:

  • 4 rounds of questions presented in PDF & PowerPoint formats, perfect for screen sharing.
  • Hints for each question, to be used at the Quiz Master's discretion.  
  • 1 half-time challenge - a fun game that everyone can play.
  • 5 tie-breaker questions
  • Player answer sheet & score card
  • Verified answers, both in the quiz PowerPoint and a separate file.
  • A separate picture clue sheet if you'd like to give it out before the quiz or during half-time.
  • Sound Round audio files
  • Printable Quizmaster badges
  • Customisable winners' certificate 

The answers come at the end of the Quiz, so the Quizmaster can play too.

There's something for everyone, so instantly download the Quest Quiz and start playing today!

How to play:

  • Plan a time to meet with your friends or family at home or on video chat. Click here for a tutorial on screen sharing with Zoom

  • Everyone will need a pen/pencil and a score card, or just a piece of paper. 
  • The Quiz Master reads out the questions one by one, while players try to answer as many questions as they can correctly on their answer sheet. The Quiz Master can share their screen so that everyone can see the questions. This works especially well for picture rounds.
  • At the midway point, there will be a half-time challenge! This is a question, game or fun activity that everyone can take part in. The challenge might require basic materials, such as paper, coins or tin foil.

  • After all the questions have been asked, the Quiz Master will read out the answers and everyone checks how many they got right. The team with the highest score wins!

  • If there is a tie, the Quiz Master can ask a tie-breaker question to determine the winner.

  • Schedule your next Quest Quiz night for more fun! Download more Quest Quizzes here to get ready

Stay safe during lockdown! Quest Quiz packs are perfect for social distancing, virtual trivia nights, staying in touch with friends, family game nights, and even date nights and fundraisers. 

Support Melbourne business during lockdown and keep yourself entertained, and connected during the Melbourne stay at home period.

If you'd like more trivia, watch me host live trivia quizzes on YouTube for free.

You will need a PDF reader and Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 or later to open the files. The files come as a compressed .zip file, so you will need to extract them first.

Questions? Email us at cityquestaustralia [at] or contact us here