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Corporate & School Groups

Arrange a unique and interactive experience for your team members!

People create lasting bonds when they work together towards a challenge. What better way to create shared experiences than on a Quest through Melbourne, full of fun trivia, hidden gems and a competitive edge.

Equipped with their Quest booklet, participants can race each other in small groups, or work together to reach a mystery destination of your choosing. Along the way they'll collaborate to find clues hidden in the lanes, art and history of Melbourne.

Choose your Quest, a day, a destination, and off you go! No need to wait for a guide, no complicated instructions to follow.

Any budget-conscious group keen for an informal and fun event will have a great time on their Quest.

City Quest's group package is perfect for:

  • Corporate team building and company events
  • School excursions and educational groups
  • Special events such as birthday parties, hens/bucks days or anniversaries
  • Community groups looking for a unique activity for members

Duration: Plan for approximately 1-2 hours for the Quest itself, depending on the speed of the teams, plus time to mingle at the final destination. For a longer experience, ask us about combining multiple Quests into one ultimate adventure!

Price: City Quest group packages are $10.00 per person, GST inclusive, with a minimum of 4 participants.


  • Quest of your choice customised with your destination or message.
  • 1 printed booklet per team.
  • Coloured team bandannas for each participant.
  • Free postage of your Quest package within Australia.

You can also add other activities, such as a Photo Scavenger Hunt, Trivia Quiz or a round of Urban Bingo to the day's schedule. These are free downloads available on our news page

Enquire using the form below, or email and we'll get back to you ASAP. 

How It Works:

  1. Choose a date & Quest: Decide when you want your event to take place and which Quest you want to base the experience on (Legendary Laneways, Marvellous Melbourne, or Grand Gardens). 
  2. Choose an ending: Choose a custom destination (such as a park or restaurant). Grand Gardens also has the option of ending with a surprise message. We will set up your Quest package according to your vision.
  3. Receive Quest Package: You will receive your Quest materials prior to your event date, with everything you need for your team to complete the Quest and finish at your chosen destination. 
  4. Start the Quest: On the day of your event, join your group at the starting spot (for example, Flinders Street Station for the Legendary Laneways Quest). Split them into teams, give each team their materials, and say GO!
  5. Embark: Teams will be directed by the Quest booklet along a route through the city. They will find clues and solve puzzles to reach their final destination. All groups will follow the same route. 
  6. Finish: At the finish line, they arrive at your chosen destination, and you can award prizes to the teams if you like. Then everyone can spend time reliving their experiences together.

Benefits of City Quest Group Experiences:

  • Opportunity to bond with others as a group in a social and informal setting.
  • Flexible start date & time works with your team's schedule.
  • Problem solving and navigation promotes teamwork between participants.
  • The chance to recognise your team members' strengths in an informal environment.
  • Nurture a positive culture by providing fun and interactive activities.



Please note: 

  • City Quest provides self-guided walking tours; Your team is responsible for embarking on their Quest at the date and time arranged, and will not be accompanied by a guide.

  • Cost of meal at final destination is not included in the Quest package.

  • 50% of invoice is due a minimum of 1 week prior to event. Remainder due within 30 days of event.

  • Participants are expected to behave in a safe and legal manner during a Quest. City Quest is not responsible for any harm which may come to your team members while participating in the Quest.